Why I made my own wall decals

The Daphne’s Garden Wall Decal set has been in the works for well over a year. I had been thinking for quite some time, that I’d love to expand MY range of products. And I’m not talking about just expanding our Art & DIY Kit ranges. I’m talking about creating new products that compliment what we already have! I played around with the initial concept of the florals in this set for about 6 months before I actually did anything about it. Oops!

It was really important to me to create wall decals that matched my art pieces flawlessly, while also ensuring they were a beautiful decor companion to other wall decor too. Happy to say I’ve nailed that brief! They look incredible with the prints we carry, as well as other brands wall decor pieces. 

It took countless hours of digital sketching/drawing, absolutely nailing the shades of colour, perfecting the shapes, sizes and quantities of florals in the set. I’m so proud to be able to release these beauties to you! They will be available in a green or grey leaf colourway, as well as in A4 and A3. All sets feature our beautiful blush & pale pink florals.

Something that is completely unique to our wall decals, is in the close up details (below). I really wanted to embrace the unique look and feel of our collage art pieces. You can see the depth and subtle shadows that fall under the elements. We have created our decals to have this same 3D appearance as our paper collage art pieces. What I love about this, is the wall decals look 3D too.

A little information about what are wall decals are made of and the unique features that it offers. I can hear you all saying “but Christy I rent and I can’t put up wall decals”. Surprise, you can!

Our wall decals are the kindest removable fabric wall decals on the market. They are made from the highly trusted removable fabric PhotoTex. PhotoTex is the original peel and stick polyester fabric adhesive material. It can be installed onto essentially any flat surface indoors or outdoors. The best part is, it can then be removed and reused over and over again leaving no adhesive residue behind on your walls. (FYI I used PhotoTex wall decals in our rental property for 5 years with no damage whatsoever!)

The only consideration you need to have when using our wall decals, is that they are not recommended for textured surfaces (bricks, wood etc), paints containing teflon, washable paints, paint without a base layer of quality primer, or paint that is flaking or in need or repair.

I hope you love them! It has been a crazy journey to get to this point, but I’m so happy to be here and to be able to finally share them with you! If you’d like your very own set of Daphne’s Garden Wall Decals, click the Shop button above!

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