Clara’s Mermaid Nursery

Our little Clara Seraphina is already 11 months old. How did the time pass so quickly? When we named Clara, I fell in love with her middle name Seraphina because it sounded like the ultimate mermaid name! I have wanted to create a mermaid room for her, ever since she was born! I’m so happy to have been able to pull it off for my little mermaid girl.

It all started when I was talking with Shannon from Isla Dream Prints. She had just released her new Boho Mermaid Prints and I had added them to our range. I was IN LOVE. I knew I had to have them for the nursery! Luckily Shannon is a huge fan of mermaids too and has a large range of prints and wall decals that we carry in our store, that I would also be able to use.

Using the Boho Mermaid Prints as my base to build off of was really easy. I am drawn to lilacs, plums and purples more than I am to pink these day. So I really was excited to have some fun incorporating those beautiful purple shades into the overall colour palette.

Clara’s bedroom is quite small. I don’t have a lot of wall space to work with, and with the AC unit taking up a good portion of one of this side of the room, it’s the best place for the dresser and nappy/changing station. I got these simple picture rails from Ikea and they are so great for the little bits and pieces I like to shuffle around in her room. I really love this side of her room. I especially love how much purple is featured!

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t make an art contribution to this space. I really love monograms and personalised pieces in little ones rooms. I had the idea to use the mermaid tail scale feature to make our new Mermaid Monogram Name Art. It took a lot of tweaking but I absolutely love how it has turned out. Available in A4 & A3 sizes. A4 was sufficient for Clara’s shelves, but it looks incredible in A3! (Click here to check it out in our store!)

There are so many pieces that make this nursery perfect. I found it so fun seeking out the pieces that would create the magical feeling Clara’s nursery has now that it is complete. Clara just loves running her hands over the mermaid and starfish next to her change table. Before every nap and bed each night, we stand in her dark room and she lays her head on our shoulder and she looks at the view of the photo above before we tuck her into bed. She just loves this magical space and lights up when checking out all the little details. And that is what it’s all about.

PaperLee – Mermaid Monogram Name Art
Isla Dream Prints via PaperLee – Boho Mermaid Prints (pink) A3, Seashell Wall Decals (soft pastel & perfect pinks), She Dreams Ocean Print (soft purple) A4, Melody Mermaid Wall Decals A3
Peppermint Tree Creations – Clam shell & starfish cushions
Zavyanne – Wooden name plaque with shapes
Little Cloud Lane – Chandelier tassel mobile (white), flower/felt ball sticks
T2 Crafts – ‘Beach Set’ 3 wool shell/starfish wall hangings
Indie Weave – Large macrame heart heart (lavender)
Hope & Jade Interiors – Wooden prints board A4

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