Hi! I’m Christy and I’m all about the paper. What started 7.5 years ago as tinkering and a little bit of craft for fun, has evolved and become my business today.

All my work is created from scratch. There is no pressing “print” around these parts. My printer sits dusty in the corner! 🙂 All Art pieces are hand traced, hand painted, hand cut and collaged together each time you order. I love the attention to detail required in my Art pieces and I design them to be this way on purpose.

I’m a binge TV watcher, nature loving, turkish delight loving wifey, married to a Texan. Sadly he is not into boots, belt buckles or cowboy hats (it’s sad, I know). We live in the beautiful Redlands area, just 40 minutes outside Brisbane city in Queensland.

Thanks for dropping by, ya’ll.
Christy x

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